January 27, 2018

Issue #42: I Must Break Away

As John Muir says (on all the mugs in town):

"I must break away and get out into the mountains". And that I did! For most of December, 8000-feet up in the Sierra Mountains, I painted and explored with John and Annie Pugh.

From working on a 3-storey scaffold to walking with 2 fabulous Irish Wolfhounds, art and nature blended into one. I learned how to prepare a 16 x 22-foot canvas and walked along pathways of ice crystals. I helped with photo research, a photo shoot and shared some Photoshop tricks. We went to an out-of-town meeting and site visit, followed by a woodland walk where fairies must live. In Santa Cruz, I saw John's incredible Bay in a Bottle mural and connected with his mother, twin brother and their old family albums.

The breakaway revealed a couple perspectives. Trompe L'oeil literally tricked my sense of vision with optical illusions that look real. As well, the incredible scale of everything—the studio, the landscape, (the dogs), combined with an artist who has no limits—expanded my beliefs and aspirations about who I can be and where I can go.

Thank you, John, for bending my mind.

“I'm in love with the sun and with the reflections in the water, and to paint them I would go around the world.” ~Auguste Renoir 

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Thank you for hearting art!
❤ Pam

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