May 21, 2017

Art Letter #34: Nature's Ingredients

Seeds of Hope... 

I've been entranced in this book by Jane Goodall. She begins describing her childhood home, where she lived with her mother and aunts while her dad was away at war. She spent a lot of time in the backyard, paying special attention to the plants she found there by painting and studying them. I cannot help but feel connected to this younger version of Jane. I can imagine us both sitting on the grass, examining each flower's details and labeling their parts in our sketchbooks. My addiction to drawing plants continues and is evolving into a search for paint colours that grow all around us.

"But there is so much more to marvel at in the kingdom of plants. I often use the zoom setting of my camera to photograph the exquisite flowering of tiny plants that most people walk past or trample on, not noticing." –Jane Goodall

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