February 27, 2011


Here I am, warmed and relaxed in old, colonial, San Miguel de Allende! Mr. Allende (the city's martyr for Mexican independence from the Spanish) is actually just around the corner from my pencion, on a horse, cast in bronze. Mariachis tunes fills the air, bells chime each hour, and there is always a friendly person to chat with in the main plaza.

It has been a semana (week) already, wandering the cobblestone calles (streets), taking photos of 300-plus year old casas (buildings), and admiring the numerous galleries around town. The ciudad (city) is filled with expats who live here at least a couple months each year. Although I can get away with my very limited vocabulary, I'm looking forward to starting Espanol classes tomorrow. As the dias (days) go by, I hope to include more words! I've also signed up for a jewelry class at the Instituto Allende, one of the two art colleges (unfortunately Bellas Artes is closed for renovations).

Everything is so vibrant from the cloudless, azul cielo (blue sky) to the painted roja y amarillo (red and yellow) buildings. Rising light in the morning, casts shadows of potted plants onto walls. Setting light in the evening, brightens colourful, plaid blankets hanging to dry. Which reminds me, just in time to catch the sunset!

Buenos tardes.

February 02, 2011


Another successful year for OCAD's Whodunit? fundraising event. Here are my donations that sold in the auction this year.

“The Whodunit? Gala Preview is a rare opportunity to pick up incredible works by highly sought-after emerging artists,” explains Curatorial Committee Chair Wil Kucey, Director of LE Gallery in Toronto. “Those looking to start collecting art, or those looking to expand their collections with works by artists about to explode internationally should not miss this event.”