January 28, 2016

An Abstract: As Soft as Sky

I remember returning from my 1-year trip, and going on an art-rampage to "discover my style". I experimented with different materials, discovered new techniques, and created piles of work. Now, as I look back on these pieces, I realize that the experimental process never ended. Being an artist has not been about having a identifiable style, but instead, the continuous act of creating, making and doing.

Finding inspiration right outside my window. 

Recently, a client asked me to make art unrelated to any work I've done before. And so I've entered another phase of searching for specific paints and playing in different styles. I'm beginning to break free from the idea of needing to conform to a particular style. Instead, I'm relishing in the process, exploring and feeling free from not setting my own limitations. Like the sky, creativity goes on for infinity. 

Drawing thumbnails for composition.
Colour mixing to match the decor.

My client wished for a special momento for her upcoming milestone birthday. Her vision was a calming abstract of soft, horizontal shapes, to match her living area. I was excited but had never painted anything like it before. So I researched different brushes and paint mediums, practiced mixing and blending, and gave myself an excuse to visit the AGO exhibit to analyze how Turner painted his skies! 

Analyzing Turner's skies. 
Blending the final piece.

The result: She loves it and said it's exactly what she wanted! Happy 30th Katrina!