May 27, 2013

Wall Progressions

Arranging the design.

It's exciting to watch a project transform from pieces of materials into a physical object. This week, I sanded away the rough edges. Now past the dusty stage, the tubes are looking much more polished. You can see the before-after difference here:

Before sanding (left). After sanding (right).

Then came a few rounds of arranging. My intension is to make the design look organic, as if the tubes have just dropped into place on their own. Since it's not a symmetrical pattern, it's impossible to have all sides of every tube touching each other. This left for some interesting negative spaces and a realization... I'm going to have to paint the tubes before they're glued together! I had planned to glue them first, thinking the bond will be stronger between the cardboard than freshly painted surfaces. Let's hope it holds! Any suggestions?

And off I go to buy paint...

May 20, 2013

A Wall in the Making

Huy and his handy saw.

After some fun in the sun getting sprayed with sawdust, my builders tubes are now cut into 8-inch sections. They sit patiently, piled up in the centre of my living room, awaiting to be assembled.

Tubes awaiting.

The purpose for this wall will serve two functions: 1) to hide the back of my computer and all the lines of wires, and 2) the tubes will be stacked on top of each other to use as shelving. I love multipurpose!

Stay tuned for more progress...

May 13, 2013

Bloomin' Blossoms

Ever since my friend Sandra showed me the pathway of Japanese cherry trees in High Park, I have gone back to visit them every year. It was at least 10 years ago, before our two week adventure in Japan. The trees have become a reminder of our trip and the aesthetic quality in everything I saw there.

Visiting the cherry trees is an experience I cherish as it truly makes me feel connected to nature. Walking among them with the petals falling in my hair is like floating through a dream. Or, like being deep in meditation, fully engaged in the beauty of every moment. I allow myself extra time to inspect the flowers closely, admiring minute details in the thin petals and dark branches. The sun shines behind them, squinting between clusters of blossoms. A bird flutters in a tree, causing a cascade of falling petals. They softly swirl and eventually scatter themselves upon the grass.

Until next year, here are some photos to admire, including a few magnolias.  In this video I managed to catch a few falling petals :)

Please comment below and tell me your cherry blossom story!