December 18, 2010

Vintage Notebooks and Colouring Books

Just in time for the Christmas season, these stylish notebooks and fishy colouring books are now on sale at Pixel Print and Shopgirls. Remember the vintage wallpaper I found a few months ago? Pixel Print suggested putting it to good use--they did all the printing and binding, I drew the illustrations and assembled the covers, and here is the exciting result!

All the covers were hand assembled, each unique depending on the cut of the wallpaper. The notebooks have a matching shiny ribbon that matches the metallic ink in the wallpaper. The inside pages are 100% recycled paper. They come in 2 sizes, 5"x7" and 3"x8".

The colouring books have 8 fun, activity-based illustrations, including "wave maze" and "connect the bubbles". The rest of the pages are blank to write or draw. The cover has an extra flap at the back, a bookmark to mark your page! They measure 6.5"x8".