December 31, 2012

Hello 2013!

Looking back on my 2012, it's hard to forget the multitude of struggles that seemed to have made it an exceptionally hard year. I look forward to this evening's party where I'll dance with friends and hopefully drink away some of those bad memories!

But instead of forgetting, and as it's been said before, struggle makes you stronger. With every bad turn, there is a lesson, which teaches you something new. Once the lesson has been learned and the struggle has passed, you can only be stronger for getting through it.

In this light, it makes it a bit easier for me to actually appreciate these struggles for what they have given me! Here are a few:
1. When I finally decided to go completely freelance last January and let go of a secure income, I became available to work on many new and exciting projects.
2. While dealing with other's expectations of me, I was forced to confront my fear of conflict.
3. Going through a break-up, made me put time towards learning more about myself and gave me more confidence to just be who I am.
4. Spending a lot of money on business prospects that didn't bring the expected return, gave invaluable experiences.

And really, there were some great times. Spending quality time with family who lives on the other side of the world; Moving into a great apartment, decorated with no compromise; A fabulous trip to NYC with the girls; Being in 3 different art shows for the very first time; and being with the people who make me feel happy. I guess perspective can change everything!

So thank you 2012, for preparing me for 2013 :)