April 28, 2013

BioCup Cuteness

This week's most exciting moment happened when Fedex buzzed with an unexpected parcel. The surprise came all the way from Australia--the BioCup samples arrived! Racing back upstairs to rip open the box and look inside, I squealed with delight as if there was a fluffy bunny inside. Out came a stack of small-sized paper cups, with my illustration printed all over in full colour. They're so adorable!

As mentioned in an earlier post, the cups will be used during Australia's compost week (May 6-11, 2013). More information about the event can be found on the ICAW website.

Please enjoy my BioCup photo shoot madness:

Now... time for a cup of Joe :)

April 15, 2013

mmm... Marimekko

At the Textile Museum of Canada until May 12,  2013. 

aaaaa... the colourful and bold prints by Marimekko get me so excited! This textile company has been around since the 1950's and they have created timeless patterns inspired from Finland's natural landscape. Jackie Kennedy once wore a few of their dresses which sparked much interest at the time, and they've continued to succeed enormously ever since.

They hold excellent values, creating enduring products, "... that bring people joy for a long time...", and as Janis Kravis states:
Is it necessary, do I like it, does it work, does it give me joy and pleasure, is it quality, is it good value?
Let me leave you with a lovely thought from Marimekko's founder, Armi Ratia:
There is only one responsibility – beauty.
There is only one reality – a dream.
There is only one strength – love.

April 07, 2013

A Week in Venice, Florida

Today, I feel warmed after finally editing my Florida photos from early March. My visit included only one cloudless day that reached 22-degrees, a temperature I'm sure will be hitting us here in Toronto very soon (fingers crossed!).

Had a few lucky peeks at some wildlife: pelicans, snowy egrets, a 15-foot aligator, a racer snake, a turtle, and the backs of two manatees swimming in the waterway.

Learned about the pioneers at Historic Spanish Point. Rode our bikes along trails and waterways, to beaches and a market. Explored the streets of Venice and visited the outdoor art show.

Warmed from the friendly Floridians and relaxed from a week of no responsibilities, we crossed Alligator Alley and then said our goodbyes.