November 30, 2009


The new edition of workbooks 1 and 2 are now finished! The redesign includes a cleaner layout which is easier to navigate, and a unique family of artwork which is consistent and recognizable. Check out the little people! The books were definitely a lot of fun to work on :)

Selected pages are posted here.

JUMP Math offers workbooks for grades 1 to 8 with each grade divided into parts 1 and 2. They include units on Number Sense, Patterns and Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Probability and Data Management.

"JUMP Math is a numeracy program started in 1998 by mathematician, author and award-winning playwright John Mighton. We are a federally registered charitable organization based in Toronto, Canada.

JUMP Math believes that all children can be led to think mathematically, and that with even a modest amount of attention every child will flourish. By demonstrating that even children who are failing math or who are labeled as slow learners can excel at math, we hope to dispel the myths that currently prevail. We offer educators and parents complete and balanced materials as well as training to help them reach all students."

November 22, 2009


I tried out a second workshop to find out more about the Sunprints I made a couple months ago. The instructor was Sally Ayre who makes gorgeous cyanotypes on several layers of silk. We were able to use some of her negatives and our own materials. The images had considerable more detail and contrast than I had expected. Preparing your own paper is much more advantageous than buying the pre-made kits. The possibilities seemed endless and this technique felt really in-tune with how I like to work which also incorporates the natural objects I already use in my artwork.

Pinhole Camera

Gallery 44 has some fun photography workshops. Last weekend I made my own pinhole camera to step back in time to learn the basic processes used when photography first began. It was rough, holding our tinfoil boxes still and making guestimates on the length of time the photo paper would be exposed for. It was also refreshing, using the sun instead of a button, going into the darkroom instead of on the computer, and waiting for the image to emerge magically instead of already knowing what it looks like! The unexpected inconsistencies of wide-angled distortion and textures were quite imperfect but very much welcomed.

The experiments:


I was invited to this year's gala as a participating artist in the evenings exclusive silent auction. The fabulous party included delicious catering, wine and a live auction, raising thousands to buy new equipment for the college. All the work can be previewed online.

"The Whodunit? Mystery Art Sale is OCAD's signature fundraising event. It’s an exhibition and sale of hundreds of pieces of original art donated by artists who are famous and not-yet-famous, including well-known and celebrity artists, OCAD faculty, alumni and students."

November 12, 2009