June 11, 2014

The Condition of Light

Without light, we wouldn't see anything--but without darkness, what would the light play with?

Intricate lamp in the Sultan's Tent
It's the combinations between light and dark that make a compelling composition. Infinite possibilities emerge from different weather conditions, the time of day and the time of the year. Changes happen in the sun's angle, intensity and colour.

Haunted chandelier in Balzac's, The Distillery
Recently, I've noticed many intriguing indoor lights from elaborate lamps casting their shadows onto different surfaces.

Shiny reflections give the fabric canopy more depth...

Hanging chandelier in the Sultan's Tent
Shadows sliced onto walls and ceilings...

Stairwell chandelier at the Gladstone Hotel
Shadows bend and elongate into layered tones...

Wall lamp at Verity
Now imagine how light and dark play outdoors...

  • The last glimmer of sun just before it sets behind the ocean's horizon. 
  • Light slanting through a wooden fence, painting white lines across your face. 
  • A canopy of leaves waving in the wind, casting dancing spots of light and shadow on the ground. 

What have you seen when the condition of light made the memory worth remembering? Please comment below!