August 19, 2015

NEW! Moveable Murals

Another mural is complete and on it's way to BC!

Moveable Murals are an exciting new option, especially for those who live outside the Toronto area. They can travel TO you or WITH you, where ever you may go!

They're completely customized—to fit perfectly onto your wall and match the colour of your decor. You get to be involved every step of the way and watch the process evolve into a finished mural.

Here's how it works:

1. First, we talk about your room and the design you're looking for. I have a selection of pre-designed murals or I can draw something uniquely new.

2. We work together to select the best paint colours.

3. A scaled line-drawing is created to illustrate how the mural will look on your wall.

4. The design is drawn onto the canvas and the painting begins.

5. Secondary colours are carefully mixed to get the perfect gradient.

6. Sit back and watch the progress evolve on Instagram!

7. The mural is completed with a signature, then bubble-wrapped and boxed for shipping.

8. I bid the mural a safe journey and then send it directly to you.

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