July 29, 2016

Outside the Box

Discovering Eastern + Carlaw inside-out. Far from my West-end hood, my first impression of this single corner of Toronto transformed as drastically as my traffic light box. I arrived with the intension of adding life to a lonely, gray intersection—only to discover how much life was already there! I began to realize there is a soul to every spot of the city—although some aren't as obvious until you get to spend a bit of time with it. 

Over 4 days of painting, the loud sounds of traffic were softened by dozens of friendly interactions. Pedestrians paused to ask questions, friends visited to say hi, joggers waved on their way to the Lakeshore, cyclists chatted while they waited for the lights to turn, and truck drivers gave thumbs up from their windows! The guys at Downtown Auto kindly gave me water and space to store supplies. CBC came by for an interview, followed by CTV a few hours later! Click here to see the clip

THANK YOU to all of you—and extra-special thank you's to: StreetARToronto for making our city so much brighter, Urban Barn for sponsoring me to do a second painting, and Benjamin Moore for supplying the beautiful paint. 

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