December 14, 2016

December: 19 More Sleeps!

A new mural for a new restaurant—opening in January!

I searched... looking up and down for the perfect Oak Tree. Along the way, I learned there's many species other than my desired rounded lobed leaf. Red Oak, Swamp Oak, Turkey Oak, Northern Pin Oak, Bur Oak... until finally, I came across my live model with leaf samples galore—a little White Oak!

Found oak leaves

While you search for the perfect gifts this season, I hope it's a magical journey of sparkling discoveries. The stressful hustle and bustle can be relieved by noticing the little things. Enjoy a moment or more by: looking up into the sky when the snow starts to fall; going for a night time stroll to admire the neighbour's festive lights; singing carols while making holiday treats; or my favourite, sipping a warm drink with somebody dear. 

What do you love to do leading up to the holidays? 

Mini Pinecones $39 on Etsy

May you have a wonderful December that's happy and *BRIGHT*.

See you in the New Year!
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December 11, 2016

Published in Format Magazine

As a creative professional, an online portfolio has been essential to show my work around the world and connect with new customers. 5 years ago, I built my website on Format and now, 5 years later, it was featured in their magazine article: 5 Designers Reveal How to Get Clients with Your Portfolio.

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