July 16, 2010

IX Gallery

My newest painting (of unusual dimensions) will be featured this summer at IX Gallery. Hope to see you at the opening!

July 29th - September 11th 2010

Summer 2010: A cornucopia of emerging talent
Join us for the first exhibit in our new space, a diverse collective of images from seven photographers capturing the essence of the hottest season. Summer 2010 will feature shots abstract and straight up, manipulated and raw, digital and film.

Opening Reception: Thursday July 29th 7 - 9 PM
IX Gallery: 11 Davies Avenue, Toronto
Artists in Attendance

Sizes range from 16" x 24" to 30" x 40"
Edition print numbers from 1/9 to 1/25

July 03, 2010

Found Treasure

Riding back from the grocery store, a shinny glimmer in a pile of yellow rolls caught my eye. Loaded with groceries, I kept going until a block later, when instinct made me turn back. The ripped and aged rolls turned out to be vintage wallpaper. Five rolls of beautifully, patterned paper. I felt like I had just struck gold!

Along the trim of one of the papers is printed "Made in Canada by CWM" (Canadian Wallpaper Manufacturer's Limited). Looks like it operated in Toronto (The Boxer Building at 222 Islington Ave) from 1927-1978 until they relocated to Brampton and became Sunworthy. Which means my paper is at least 32 years old. I've posted more photos of the paper here.