April 20, 2017

Art Letter #33: Spring Has Sprung

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Awakening again... Spring springs alive with a sense of new beginnings. Students at TRSM anticipate year-end exams and some of them look forward to life after university. Energy flows along full hallways and melting streams, seeping through the earth, into seedlings curling up into plants, feeding animals and their young.

I emerge from my own hibernation into a landscape that looks new again. The air smells fresh, the rain feels warm, and colours blossom out of winter's remains. Eagerly, I prepare for an upcoming adventure, immersed in both art and nature, with artists who live for the same passions. In the inspiring outdoors, we'll flourish with the environment and grow a little bit more.

"The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also." –Harriet Ann Jacobs

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Fareen's experience in her words... "Standing alongside @pamlostracco and Steven Murphy, Dean of TRSM, I can't think of any other opportunity that has come across me that was as amazing as this! Thank you Pam for painting such a beautiful mural at TRSM! I'm so honoured to be a part of it (heart emoji)."

The mural pizza party... After the Student Hallway Mural was complete, TRSM hosted a party to celebrate! The Dean made an eloquent speech (view here) about the mural and how it represents the university. I spoke about the concept behind the mural's design. Then each of the students received a print of themselves and had a photo taken with myself and the Dean. The party extended into the hall where we took more photos against the wall and I signed the prints! Special thanks to Ralston Kwan and Rita Linger for their multiple efforts in making this project a huge success—and to all the students for their compassion and enthusiasm! Read article: "New TRSM Mural Celebrates Energy of our Students"...

A Weekend in an Outdoor Studio

Camping on Toronto Island! On May 5th, I'll head out to camp and create with artists at Artscape's Gibraltar Point. With support by MEC Outdoor Nation, Outdoor Studio creates trips for artists to be creative while being outdoors. Nature has always been my prime source for inspiration—as it has been for artists since the beginning of time/art! I'm excited to explore the island from a different perspective and to share the experience with nature-minded artists. I'll be posting the art we make and the adventures we have, so be sure to: Follow along with me on Instagram...

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