December 16, 2007

Christmas Cards

Continuing what has become my annual tradition of hand-making Christmas tree ornament cards. This year, I took advantage of all the colourful, blurry-light images taken down the street and turned them into minature, to-scale digital photos. Printed on recycled paper at Pixel Print.

Wayward Arts Magazine

Flash Reproductions printed this magazine to create "… a home for errant creative."

"We love these artists. Not just because they are skilled impressionists of our retarded little world, not just because their talent fills our pages with colour and emotion. We love these artists because they get it, sweet holy Wednesday, they get it. When we pulled up to the visual arts drive-through and ordered a combo, these greasy little fry cooks filled our bag with Kangaroo, Snow Shark and some mystery meat we have yet to decipher."

20 artists were chosen for this issue. Here is my spread!

December 11, 2007

Christmas Time

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Christmas is here! See more blurry-light photos at:

Pieces of Pine

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Even now that it's winter, l have found so much plant life. It must be either dead or dormant, but in both cases, nature still displays it's beauty.

December 03, 2007

Phnom Door

Phnom Door
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The 2nd out of 3 prints exhibited at the airport have been sold! Now who would like Sukau Tree?!