April 22, 2011

Mexico Art

Here are some sketches I made while having the chance to relax and truly absorb Mexican culture. Drawing was a good excuse to sit in a plaza, admire a fountain, or practice espanol.

April 01, 2011

Mexico City

(click here for more photos of Mexico)
Here I am, back where I started. When I flew in 6 weeks ago, it was exciting to see the city from above, which looked like an explosion of bright colours in pixelated boxes. This time, watching through the bus window, I started to fear my preconceptions of this humongous capital of 26 million people. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” I quickly learned that this was another Mexican city filled with kind, generous and helpful friends.

I met Eddna and Jim in Angangao, who arranged for me to stay with their artist friend Fer in trendy Condesa, who introduced me to another talented artist Danielle, who gave me her scarf from India and joined us at Marina's apartment, who plays the harmonium and travels the world and has a dog named Maya, who sat close and watched everyone drum, sing, drink mezcale, play on the swing, and watch all the dogs play tug of war. Adolfo paid for my tacos. Andrea pointed out new foods in the mercado. I ate sushi at a penthouse fiesta hosted by an art curator.

Filled with restaurants, live music, young people jogging and walking their dogs, yoga studios, art galleries, parks, and Jacaranda trees littering the streets with purple flowers, I felt right at home. The metro was safe, fast, and efficient and only about 25 cents a ride. I visited Centro Historico to see Diego's murals at Palacio Nacional, and the layers of pyramids build on top of each other at Templo Mayor. I walked to Roma for a delicious cafe and saw contemporary interior design. I saw Frida's Casa Azul in Coyoacan and found unique, handmade jewelry in an artisans market.

Mexico has so many places to see and activities to do that I need to go back! The traditional arts are beautiful and the contemporary culture is alive. People are friendly and quick to help. I felt as safe as I do in my own country (except crossing a few of the streets!) and never hesitated to take out my camera. I left with a huge smile. Hasta luego.