February 14, 2017

Art Letter #31: Playing Around

"I believed then—in a deep, easy way that is impossible for me as an adult—that there was more to this world than meets the eye. Trees had spirits; the wind spoke. If you followed a toad or a raven deep into the heart of the forest, they were sure to lead you to something magical." –Jennifer McMahon

The Enchanted Playroom

A little girl and her mom... are so excited to spend time in this room! Two trees fill the walls, wrapping around every corner and angled ceiling. A slight breeze sweeps willow branches to the right, towards an oak tree in the opposite corner. A squirrel playfully peeks from behind a trunk while another nibbles at acorns. The girl's favourite, a cardinal, sits upon a light switch while she sings and dances in a beautiful princess dress. Custom designed murals at pamlostracco.com...

The Future of Colour

Colour Trends seminar at the Interior Design Show... a talk about colours for 2017 and how they're predicted. Science, politics, architecture, economy—pretty much anything that happens in the world, affects our lives and our relationship with colour. Trending topics about artificial life will inspire reflective and smooth materials. Adapting to constant and faster change will invite more transparency, like buildings made of glass walls. I expected to hear about only colour, then left feeling the need to experiment with new materials! Follow along with me on Instagram...

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day and a month full of love and friendship!

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