September 02, 2014

Summer Skies

I think September feels more like the beginning of a new year than January. There's more changes—the air becomes cooler, the city fills up once more with everyone back from their summer holidays, students go back to school and the rest back to work. There's new energy in the air, literally, as the CNE marks the end of summer with their annual air show.

Or, maybe it's just me! My birthday's looming, only one week away. Each year drives me into a cycle of reflecting on the past several months and then strategizing on how to make the next few even better—usually whilst sifting through my Instagram photos :)

The Snowbirds at the CNE

Perhaps coincidently, many of these photos were of beautiful and unusual, wide-open skies. Their infinite vastness deliver an offering of questions and possibilities. Who do I want to be? Where do I want to go? The answer could be there, right in the clouds.

Warm sunrises and sunsets may say "allow time to relax and free the mind"...

Sunrise on Lake Ontario, on the train to Montreal

Sunset in Christie Pitts Park

Brush-stroke clouds shows there's a purpose in creating and experimenting...

Outside my front window
Outside my back door

Moody storms travel fast, reminders of exciting adventures...

Wavy clouds

The clouds that never rained

These skies may also be suggesting that I create a new series of cloud paintings :)

What does the sky say to you?

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