August 05, 2014

Dressing Up Japanese-Style

I wonder if it was back in Grade 5, when I tried on my first Kimono at a friend's house, that I started to love all things Japanese? And then years later, I found myself in a similar situation while traveling with my friend Sandra, wearing this Kabuki (dance) costume in Japan!

Sandra and I, June 2001

Then just last week, I was part of the Matsuri Toronto Japanese Summer Festival showcasing my 100% silk Art Scarves:

Migrating Monarchs Art Scarf, photo by Che Rosales
Feathery Ferns Art Scarf, photo by Che Rosales
It was a celebration of Japanese and Canadian artists, drummers, dancers and designers. The second year running, they included their first fashion show, a new experience I also had to give a go!

Styled in a Japanese-inspired bun and a Bon-Voyage-Birds-blue skirt, Jen flowed down the runway wearing two Art Scarves:

Jen in Migrating Monarchs and Bon Voyage Birds,
photos by Che Rosales
Jen and I after our bow on stage:

Jen and I, photo by Aniqa Rahman
Over at the booth, people of all ages were drawn to the mountain cards and watched the time-lapse of me painting the Mountain Mural:

Mountain Cards, photo by Che Rosales
The new Art Cards were popular, especially the sakura (cherry blossom) image:

Art Cards, photo by Che Rosales
Art Cards, photo by Che Rosales
Original Artwork, photo by Che Rosales
Art Scarves are currently for sale on my Etsy shop or you can email me directly. Art Cards will be there soon too!

It was a fun show and there were many who helped make it happen. An extra special thank you to:
Luke and everyone at Kurakake Company; Kelly who helped shop, style and seem to be my personal assistant; Jen my beautiful model and friend; Siobhan, Hoann, Sharona, Janice and Erica who took care of my booth and displayed my products in unexpected, creative ways; all the positive comments and encouragement from everyone; and Julian for inspiration, set up, take down and for always making me laugh!