February 22, 2019

Issue #48: Winter Works and Wanderings

Winter is My Time to Reflect and Prepare

After reviewing 2018, my work summed up to 11 murals and 6 design projects. This was enough to keep me very busy and resulted in the most amount of time I've held a paintbrush in 1 year!

Now in the middle of hibernation, I'm back to graphic designing and sending in submissions and quotes in hopes of receiving more amazing murals and clients to work with this year. Among snow falls and design events, I've also been venturing into some mysterious, monochromatic winter-scapes and have been inspired by other artists, designers and ecologists.

Explore below to find snow-covered trees, collections of sepia-toned plant silhouettes, and projects in the works. And I'll leave you with a few links to people doing great things in both art and nature: By Nature's living walls, the new MOCA Toronto and the Eco Design Symposium.

Enjoy the snow, Spring will soon be here!

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Thank you for hearting art,
Pam ❤

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