October 11, 2017

Issue #39: Reflections | snoitcelfeR

Thin Blue Line

With Lake Ontario by my side, I ride along a 2-lane pathway with other commuters. The flat morning water mirrors birds lined up on the breakwater. Over the Humber Bridge, I hear the river below and see the CN Tower in the misty distance. Past the Butterfly Habitat, lake-view condos rise into the sky and families go for a stroll. Onto a boardwalk, a lighthouse in a marina brings me back to small towns in Nova Scotia. The shoreline twists along protected bays where swans sail by in silence and loons dive for their breakfast. A shining glare washes out the horizon line, blending water into the sky. Ripples start to form as the water turns bluer and the sun gets warmer. Then I arrive...

The Martin Goodman Trail extends 36 km from Ashbridges Bay all the way to Humber Bay Park. I rode along the Western stretch to Lakeshore Village and relished in all the views of open sky and water. I'd never seen this part of the trail before—yet funny enough, it was a perfect reflection of the mural I was painting!

"Art is not a reflection of reality, it is the reality of a reflection." ~Jean-Luc Godard

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