May 30, 2005

Starting Over

Yesterday was the coolest day so far, and half way through a huge waterfall of rain was finally released from the sky. This happened once in Hong Kong too, I've never seen so much water fall so strongly at once. And it was funny to hear the travellers just arriving at our hostel complaining about how hot it is. Ah ha! Now that it's back to normal hotness already, I wonder what they'll say about today?

I've spent the last couple of days pacing myself much more than trying to run around the city seeing everything there possible is to see. Now that I've been here about 10 days, I feel like I could be a pretty good Singapore tour guide! I've decided to buy a tube so I can carry around large sketch paper, to draw on a much bigger scale. I feel the small size of my sketchbook has limited my ability to draw without thinking so literally about everything. I want to blend my design skills into my artwork but it seems this should come later and not be forced. Right now I want to erase all the restrictions I've felt since working for other people and start from the beginning...

Emmeke from Holland had been working on a film in Japan and is now on her way to Bali. It's been refreshing to speak with someone a little older (but not as old as me) about conversations other than the usual 20 year old discussions about tans. We had an elegant cup of English Breakfast tea at the Raffles Hotel. Raffles is the British founder of Singapore that made the economy boom from an old fishing village to the modern city it is today. And ate an Indian lunch of naan, cottage cheese and spinach, and butter chicken by Boat Quay. A delicious way to eat my last meal in a place I am so ready to leave. In 10 minutes I get to meet Sherry, a local artist I have been emailing the last few months. The reason I am still in Singapore! P

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