May 25, 2005

New Do

I just had a hair cut for free at Toni & Guy Academy for being a model infront of a class of five! I had the full experience of being immersed in Singlish. I tried so hard to listen, but only understood about half of the lecture. I'm not sure if they use too many sh's, or if it's just a lack of pronounciation, or a blend of Malay-Mandarin-Indian-English, but they may as well have been speaking Chinese! Anyway, I have a $200 cut which looks good I guess. The teacher kept saying how dry my hair was so I'm sure there's an improvement. Yay!


  1. :)
    hee hee!
    wow Pam I can't believe you are doing this all by yourself! so exiting, way to go.
    it sounds so intersting.
    cheers, and happy trails,

  2. T: I know you could do it too! I'm doing tonnes of walking everyday, but miss the good ol' kick once in a while... P

  3. Catherine1:24 pm

    Hi Pam,

    Aiyoh, the last time I agreed to be my buddy’s model, I ended up looking like a siao char bor, so I decided then that I would never again become a model for trainee hairstylists! ;p

    So how do you find Singlish? Hahaha… catch no ball right? Yep, it combines "Malay-Mandarin-Indian-English" as well as Chinese dialects. If there’s a chance, I shall teach you Teochew, ok? Anyway, thought you might find this Singlish dictionary useful: