May 10, 2005

Hong Kong & China

I'm here! After the longest day ever (39 hours, missing Friday completely!) I landed in Hong Kong safe and sound :) The first thing I noticed was tallness... mountains, buildings, buses. Layers of high rises, some shiny and new, while right next door looking like they'll collapse into dust at any moment. It's chaotic and noisy and polluted like crazy, I love it! The millions of signs, stores, taxis, people staring at me look so different from Toronto, but at the same time it's just another city, I felt right at home.

Waiting to check into the hostel, I explored Kowloon Park just a block away. Since it was still early, people were all over it doing their Tai Chi in groups or pairs or even on their own in the middle of a garden. A few people playing instruments, others singing, or practicing Kung Foo moves and something with a stick (Kendo?). And a few women by the pool doing a fan dance. I took about 2 or 3 rolls of films worth in 1 day... yay for digital!!

Christine and Krissie met me at the room later in the evening and we caught up on each other's airport stories. There was an art display in San Francisco that was so cool, will post the photo if I can download on this computer. A guy created over 5000 3x3 inch paintings while commuting to work. It reminded me of how the sqaure foot show will be set up (I'm in it! This August at AWOL I think). Explored the city and all the stores it has, driving me crazy that I'm limited to what I can buy, my backpack is already way too heavy! It must be the sunscreen.

Monday we explored Lantau Island which took a couple ferries and buses from HK to go see the big Buddah. Ended up so foggy, we could hardly see him. When a cloud passed in front he disappeared completely. Didn't see any facial features at all but still looked like a friendly guy! Really, his huge silhouette had a graceful presence which was even more mystical sitting in a cloud. I'll post this photo too! Then it poured like mad on us, not just a storm, it looked like buckets of water being thrown on us. I discovered my waterproof jacket is a lie. And the bus air conditioning was on extra freezing, I don't understand, are they really that hot? A few minutes away was a fishing village called Tai O which was so amazing. All the little houses on stilts and old boats filling with water, and falling tarps not really accomplishing much.

Now we are in Guangzhou, China! Only difference is less people speak English... I've learned to count to ten and maybe more and I think can say thank you properly but no matter what they'll always laugh. Ah, it's fun. Markets instead of 7-11's... live eels, frogs and chicken's galore. Good for pictures only!

I'm not sure how this blog will work, I hope to see some comments from you!!! Pam


  1. Anonymous10:09 am

    hahaha, just kidding! sounds like you are seeing some fantastic things. miss you! hope this posting works!! jenniferd

  2. Glad to hear you made it, can't wait to hear more of your adventures!! I am going to Japan in early August, any chance you will be around that area at the same time?

  3. Jesse5:39 pm

    Carry a sweater to combat the freezing air con, or you'll get sick fast! Let us know if you eat anything weird...

  4. Jen, don't worry, I didn't touch a feather!

    Sorry Erica, will not get to Japan this time. August I may be in Bali or Indonesia somewhere, haven't worked that out yet!

    Hmm, the weirdest thing I ate... the Belagio dessert, red beans covering crushed ice.

    Thanks for the comments, keep 'em coming!! P :)