May 14, 2005

Strange World

We each had a massage last night which put us straight to bed with the best nights sleep so far. It seemed more like shiatsu mixed in with some reflexology. My back is a little sore today but she found some pressure points and hopefully squeezed all the extra tensions that had built up my last week in TO.

There are some strange things about this place: Crossing the street is suicidal. The bikes/scooters/cars/buses do not stop at a cross walk, they hardly even slow down! It seems best to follow close behind a local and just assume the cars will swerve at the right moment. I hear there's a city like this in Vietnam, so this will be good practice; Line ups are just for show, if there is room for you infront of someone else, get in there!; We're feeling a bit like some rare breed of animal in a zoo. Us 3 girls are attracting many indiscreet stares. Just waiting for one of these passer-bys to bump into a tree or something; You can get anything from the variety store wrapped in plastic, from chicken feet to pickled eggs; If you show interest in a shirt, the staff will be sure to suggest a different one that is completely unrelated in any way.

It's all funny though, but not really. I accept the Chinese more. Here, they have each spent their lifetime in a city packed full of so many people. It's competitive. Some are so poor they look for, or are passed the empty plastic bottles to make a few cents. Others more well off have made a living manufacturing or selling products. Consumerism is big. Everything is made in China. And everyone with a few dollars or more to spare, is one more person to buy this stuff because it's there. They fill the malls and the shops and the markets. They commute in the cars and taxis and bicylcles. They eat the frogs legs and chicken intestines because food is precious and nothing can be wasted. But the styrofoam and plastic is thrown out on the streets and cars without any emmision tests are shooting toxins into the air for all the millions of people to breathe in each day. Tradition vs. modernization. Their customs are still there but are adjusting to Western influence. They add whiteners into face creams to lighten their skin to be more beautiful. They eat our fast food to be more modern. And then we want to learn about their natural medication, and practice yoga and spirituality. They think we're right. We think we're wrong. Who's right? Will there be a role reversal? Hopefully we can blend into one big right. Hm... good night :)

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