May 24, 2005

Where is the Inspiration?

To be honest, I've been frustrated with the lack of finding inspiration. I am comfortable and welcoming the safe, clean atmosphere of Singapore. However, it seems to hinder me from painting. I've spent the last 3 days roaming the streets and parks and shops, and looking at every flower, temple and person but nothing strikes me as art. Yesterday morning I found a few art stores and specialty paper shops, so I was set with a couple boards and some peices of beautiful papers. The Theaters on Bay at the Esplanade had an underground tunnel covered with cool cut and paste paintings. There was also an exhibition on by a Korean artist who had clear puzzle pieces hanging in the lobby, with other displays dipicting dreams vs. reality. This was the first time I was full of creative juices, so I went outside to find something to draw. So I explored the Marina, and then Memorials in the park, the Durian-looking building, Suntec City, The largest man-made fountain in the world, the tallest wall fountain in the world, the Sculpture garden where an art class was drawing... nothing! It is all too clean or sterile or boring. There is great art, but nothing to make great art from! I forced myself to paint the sleek new building lit up last night from the hostel's roof top patio, but it's no good. I'm empty. P

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