May 26, 2005


I thought I had been fairly clear about ordering the Hong Kong noodles. But she shoved a plate of rice and BBQ pork infront of me and decided it would only be worse if I tried to explain this is not what I wanted. Uh, the pork was gross and dry, the things that looked like potatoes tasted fishy and the bok choy was cold. While I looked at my plate unimpressed, she came over to me and started yelling that I had taken another customers order and grabbed the plate and stomped away. I didn't say anything for a moment while the entire food court stared at me. I went after the girl and she handed a new plate to me which I am so glad tasted much better! I tried to smile it off, but the glares continued and nobody smiled back (oh, I'm so bad!). And then to make things more embarassing, one of my chopsticks was the wrong way. Ah!

I've made a painting of the Southern most point in Asia. And will finish off the Buddah in modern day SG. P

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  1. Catherine1:32 pm

    Hi Pam,

    Sorry about the bad experience, but trust me, we locals don’t enjoy better treatment from hawkers ourselves. :(
    I sure hope it didn’t spoil your day.