May 22, 2005


I know I always say I'd rather be warm than cold, but this is HOT! I am constantly sweating, even at night under a fan. It's even hotter here than China, but I can't really tell the difference, it's just hot and my clothes constantly stick to me :(

Saw the Singapore Botanical Gardens, so many orchids! The celebrity section even had two named for Princess Diana and Ricky Martin. My 1 gig memory card is full! I must have used quite a bit for the videos I took of the remote-controlled kites flying around last night. They were so cool! Time to do some burning. I think I'll make prints of a few as reference for my paintings... it's been too awkward to pull paints out on location. P


  1. Catherine12:11 pm

    Yeah, even I sometimes think that I would melt in this weather. That’s why most, if not all, of our buildings are air-conditioned. In fact, it has become such a necessity that some of us install air conditioners in the whole flat or house.

  2. Jesse3:36 pm

    How does the humidity affect the viscosity and drying nature of your paints (if not oil based)?