June 01, 2005

On to Melaka

I was so glad to leave Singapore on a much more positive note than how I'd been feeling the last couple of days. Sherry had just arrived a few hours before we met from LA and still managed to inspire me and gear my thoughts in a new direction. We talked about art, careers, life, love, and how much better life is in your 30's! She showed me a few paper shops to drop off samples of my greeting cards (maybe I'll soon be selling internationally!). Also went to a small art shop where she buys all her Chinese paper. I'm now set up with some large sheets and a tube, which has made my pack a bit bulkier, also with the extra repellent I stocked up on for Malaysia.

After 3 stops on the bus (Singapore customs, Malay border, and then the first bus breaking down) I got to Melaka. It's a historic town, the original in Malaysia, where the Chinese and Malays intermarried and created a new race that later migrated to Singapore. There is a lot of colonial architecture also evident throughout the rest of the country. I met Ali who took me on a rickshaw ride around Chinatown, past some temples and ended with a churry chicken noodle soup. Ali is Malay, and hasn't left the country, but has travelled within. His fun personality and knowledge of history, I'm sure won him an acting part in a movie called "Veronica goes to Asia". It's supposed to be playing now, so if anyone watches it, let me know if you see him! Met another Hollander, and watched the light and sound show with 5 others in the audience. It was so bad! A half hour I will not get back:) P

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  1. Jennifer D3:16 pm

    Wow you have really added to the blog since I last checked in! It's funny how the heat is getting to you when here all I WANT is heat. It's finally a bit warmer today, but nothing like where you are I'm sure! Keep drawing, I'm sure the inspirations will come!