June 30, 2005

Couldn't Risk It

I decided to try a smaller restaurant with just one local eating at one of the four tables. The vegetables on rice was really tastey, I enjoyed every mouthful until she brought over my glass of water. It was yellow. Almost the colour of apple juice, I'm not kidding. I decided to keep smiling, not drink the water, and believe if my food was made of that water, at least it's cooked. The other guy was eating what I had and he seemed fine. Then he asked how much Thai I knew. After I listed all 3 of my words, we all laughed and had a good broken conversation. He works security at the airport. She asked if I travel alone. Instead of the surprised looks I got in Malaysia, here I get thumbs up and "that's good!" responses. It was all fun until she came over and asked if I was going to drink my water. How do you indicate nicely that you don't want to drink yellow water? Automatically she turned away looking upset and pretended to be busy. I thanked her for the delicious food and she politely smiled, but I felt so bad... :( P

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  1. Jennifer2:42 pm

    Hey Pam!! I am back at work after 3 weeks off and WOW I wish I was still on break, and even perhaps somewhere wonderful and beautiful and exotic like you are. It must be so refreshing to have so much free time to do whatever you like! I played "tourist in my own town" here in the big city and it was fun. I even dragged Lisa out on some adventures! All over now, oh well. There's always Australia next year. Keep writing, I love reading these...and your photos are just gorgeous. Miss you!