June 07, 2005

Yes, ONE!

Maybe it was a little funny at first but now I'm resentful. The second most asked question after "Where you from?" is "Only one?" Well, yes, just me and hey, if they're surprised then maybe I should be a little proud to have the guts to do so. But the reaction doesn't state, wow, that is amazing, you're so brave. It looks more like a state of horror, what, no family, no boyfriend? It would be more fun to travel with a boyfriend. Well, ok maybe so, but I don't have one!!! I encounter this every time I ask for directions or buy a mango or walk into a store. Actually, I don't even have to do anything at all, everyone just wants to know who I am and what I am doing by myself. The worst is going for dinner. I would really enjoy some conversation, to share food and just not take up a whole table for myself. Everyone travels in couples or groups of 4-8. When I order my meal, my aloneness is reinforced several times. Only one? Yes. So one plate? Yes. A drink? Yes. One glass? Yes!! Where you from? Ahhhhh!!!! P


  1. Jennifer5:04 pm

    Ah, I experienced this in Italy!! The folk on my tour group were SHOCKED that I was alone, and even more shocked to find out I had a boyfriend at home. Well why isn't he here they wondered? Well perhaps because I CAN DO MORE ALONE!!!! Whatever I want!!! Tell those nosy people THAT!!! Hahahaha!! By the way, that blackjack thing is WEIRD. Stay safe you!!!

  2. jesse1:36 pm

    Lots of people don't understand that travelling solo is only solo part of the time. I totally understand those awkward dinners, but you probably already know how great it feels to just rely on oneself. Most people here can't even go to the mall alone!