June 28, 2005

Phuket Town

It was sad to leave what I had left behind, it's too easy to become attached to something you like and become comfortable with. As much as I love travelling and seeing new things, I think most people strive to find one place where they can stay put. Constant change and moving around is exhausting. Although, I think the stay on PP was just long enough for me to be in one place, but not too long that I regretted not leaving sooner. I left the little paradise-in-repair and had a not too rough ride West to Phuket. The sun was out, the ipod on, and I watched Phi Phi Ley get smaller and fainter into the sea and sky.

There is a market in Phuket Town where I bought 3 sticks of banana that had been sliced, grilled and then flattened. 1 was enough so I offered the other 2 to a couple of girls in uniform who had just come out of school. They hesitated at first, but when I passed them over, their eyes widened and the smiles stretched wide, they were so happy! I was so happy they were happy, it made me really happy :) P


  1. jesse4:26 pm

    My dad was in Phuket a few weeks ago and told me the conditions were pretty bad outside the tourist area. Your thoughts?

  2. Noreel Asuro4:29 pm

    Hey Superstar!
    Arlene sent me your blog address and all i can say is "WOW!" :-) Good times! Hope everything is treating you well. Now that you're PADI certified you'll have fun. I got to do the Rodney FOx shark experience in Oz a couple of years ago. Amazing! Expensive, but amazing! If you make your way to Vancouver be sure to look me up. I am sooo jealous right now. Take care - Noreel

  3. J: The conditions I have seen so far on Kata and Karon beach are not bad at all compared to PP. Phuket is quite large, which part did your dad go to? A couple hours North is Khoa Lak which was hit probably the hardest. It was a long stretch of beach that was hit directly on the West side as it had no protection at all.

    N: Hey, it's been a long time since I've seen you! Not sure if I'll be in Vancouver soon, but I will call when I do go! How are things? (Arelene has my yahoo email).