June 04, 2005

Kuala Lumpur

My first meal here was sting ray! A little spicy and hard to eat with the bones right through the middle of each peice, but it was really good. Have experimented with a few of the hawker stalls in Chinatown that are presented so well. Tried some crab balls mixed with veges on a stick. You dip it into the boiling water (or oil?) for a few seconds and dip it in sauce. There were these tiny rotis with potato and fish inside (pronounced "fiz" by the Malays, which took me a few confused expressions to figure out). And then some chick peas mixed with some spices but not too spicy for me. I'm hoping my tolerance is getting better :)

Yesterday I went to a Butterfly Park and it was quite amazing. Met Alex the biologist who is doing a round the world tour in 4 months, travelling specifically to see the best flora and fauna and later to write a book about it. Apparently the other places he saw did not match up with this one, so it was worth it even more! Was filled in on a little inside information. The Malaysian butterfly has long, narrow black wings with a green stripe running through them. The females have a white dot. I took a video of one of the largest in the park, which has a poison that would kill any birds that try to eat it. For this reason, it will linger on one flower for quite a while, knowing it's black and yellow warning colours will keep away any predators. P

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