June 09, 2005

Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands have been a beautiful escape from the city. My wish also came true, and I met 2 single travellers at the bus station, Maggie and Trent. We ate rambutans (a furry but delicious lychee-like fruit) and found accommodation for $2 a night. It's so amazingly cheap here, I'm in heaven! Breakfast was a roti (thin crepe) folded with banana and coconut inside with a cup of sweet Masala tea ($1.50). Dinner last night was a mound of Indian curries, naan and things I don't have names for ($2). A half-hour drive in a 1965 mercedes taxi out to the amazing tea plantations ($1.75 each). Honestly, my travel for 1 year is expected to be less then the amount of rent I payed for 1 year in TO!

The tea pluckers (they like that word here) were very happy to get into and look at our photos and videos of them in action. I hope the footage is good, but definitely the hardest I've laughed in a while. Our cab driver was also quite the character and became todays ongoing conversation. The children here are adorable, makes me want to have one (did I say that!?), they love to say "Hello"... we could go back and forth for hours.

Good times. I miss you all though, and think of you often. P


  1. well, I think you are SDUPER brave doing this all alone! it is amazing to me.
    so many adventures! that black jack thing, odd! i would have wanted to leave also.

    take care!!

  2. Ya, think I learned my lesson from that one. P