March 25, 2011


Heading Eastbound, the plazas now seem to be called zocalos. Puebla's is muy grande, always filled with bands playing, couples kissing, and handfulls of bobbing balloons in the shapes of Bambi and Snow White's head. Most interesting, was a circlular, wooden, installation inside another circle. Made of wood and painted white, it was laser (or hand-cut?) in the shapes of tall, leafy trees like the real ones in the zocalo. So from one side, you can see buildings and people through 4 layers of organic holes.

The city is filled with many museos, zapato (shoe) stores, different types of mole (sauces made with chocolate, chili, and various spices), and ceramic tiles on almost every building. It's amazing how quickly the loud bustle from the streets disappear by only walking a few feet into the interior of a courtyard. Sometimes they contained a fountain, an art gallery, a restaurant, or the oldest biblioteca I've ever seen. More than 4000 libros from as early as the 1500s were arranged perfectly in their old, wooden shelves. No fotographias or touching of the books were allowed, so I tried to engrave in my memory, all the intricate patterns and beautiful calligraphy on the aging spines.

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