March 07, 2011


The past week has been full of amazing friendships. Even though they only lasted for a few hours or a single day, they are meaningful connections that I will cherish from San Miguel.

I bumped into a few people in a photography class, getting some shots of the evening sun in El Jardin. Explaining how I found it hard to capture both the dark shadows and the bright colours, they agreed. Their maestro (teacher) happened to be the same person having an exhibition that night, where I was making my way to! We slowly walked together, taking photos of each other and the shining cobblestones. (Above is Tom in the hat).

I met Christine and Edwardo in my pencion, and we all took the same class together. We watched each others pieces of silver evolve from a scrap of metal to a shiny piece of jewelry. We shared personal opinions of our hopes for the future. And walked back and forth several times trying to find the organic market, but enjoying the adventure along the way.

I spent every morning for the past 2 weeks learning Spanish with my maestro, Luis. His energy, encouragement, and sarcasm made the class absolutely enjoyable. I could laugh at myself everytime he translated my loco mistakes.

Saleta, the owner of the pencion, has been learning English. We talked every day, correcting eachother´s words and sentences during her home-cooked dinner, sitting in the courtyard, and our final breakfast at Buenos Dias. Thank you.

As well, Rae, the spiritual healer from London, good luck using your new art supplies! And the two little girls who asked for their fotographia. Geraldo Ruiz, the amazing sculptor and etcher, who showed me the process.

Todos los amigos, muchas gracias y muchas gusto!

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