March 02, 2011


Hoy (today) is the dia I gave up on trying to eat at every recommended restaurant in San Miguel's Walking and Shopping Guide. Way too overly ambitious!

This morning I walked next door and ordered my warm breakfast through a window. A stroll around the corner, is a plaza surrounded by churches, outlined with benches, filled with locals, watching un nino (boy) run around a fountain, in the centre where pigeons bathed. I chose a bench where everyone else sat, on the sunny side. The chilly morning was offset when I unraveled the corn husk around a hot tomale de pollo (chicken tomale) and sipped a warm tasse de leche fresca (cup of strawberry milk). Simple and delicious and only 12 pecos! (Photo: Mr. Allende in the same plaza as the fountain)

At lunch, a woman grilling gorgitas caught my attention. A thicker style of tortilla, stuffed with garbanzo beans, a bit of queso y arroz (cheese and rice), and a side of chopped avocado y tomato. Fresh and satisfying and only 25 pecos!

At dinner I thought I had ordered soup, but ended up with a quarter chicken, arroz, y ensalada. mmm...

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