March 16, 2011


The main attractions in this small, quiet town revolve around two large plazas. Each block is made up of one, long, continuous white building with rounded, clay roof tiles and wooden columns which to me, have a Japanese flavour. Instead of signs, the name of each store is hand painted on the walls, above old doorways. Considering how few people I´ve seen, there seems to be an unusually high amount of dentistas!

Patzcuaro is known for it's neive de pasta (cinnamon) ice cream and a large blue lake. The view from the temple at Tsinsonsan was muy bonita. Pero, my favourite moments were in the market and around the plazas where I was truely tested on my spanish skills. Most people don´t speak any English at all but I probably met the few who do. And many amazing interactions even with the ones who don´t.

Jasmine lived in California and made an excellent beet-carrot juice. While eating a heaping serving of steaming carrots and pollo, a seven-year old girl whispered to her mom and then slid across the bench to stare at me. I spoke some spanish, she spoke only spanish, we didn´t understand each other at all, but shared some laughs! Fernando cannot fix my computadora, but I make a new amigo and we eat helado by the statue. In the morning, I'm handed a forkful of carne and end up eating delicious steamed beef and drinking spicy meet juice for breakfast. The guy beside me pointed saying ´that is the cow's mouth´ (good thing for my neutral poker-face!)

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