January 30, 2006

Te Anau

Three relaxing days in the sunshine amongst the Southern Alps encircling the town. With a little bit of exertion on the last day doing a walk along the Kepler track to Docks Bay. Really, it was such a small peice of the 5 day track, I'd love to try the experience of hiking the whole thing. So NEXT time I'm in New Zealand and I'm really rich (it's ridiculous how much hostels and park fees are when you stay over night), I'm going to do all the heli-hikes, great walks, skydives, parasails, paraglides, scenic flights, maybe even a bungee jump or two, and exciting things this extreme sport country has to offer. Until then, I'm completely content to enjoy the smaller things like a cold swim, a gaze at the southern hemisphere stars and sampling hokey pokey ice cream in each destination. (WHY don't we have this in Canada? It is the best! Just think of crunchy butterscotch balls in a mound of vanilla so big that it overpowers the size of the cone trying to balance it all!). mmmmmm.

Oh and the Australian couple sipping some wine in the sun set, preparing themselves for the Milford track the next day, who passed on a huge rose to thank me for taking their photo. Then an unexpected romantic walk alone around the edge of the bay in Queenstown's Botanical Gardens. A satisfying meal of blue cod fish and chips. Laughing disgustedly at the old guy trying to pick up young girls in very revealing swimmers. Admiring new birds with a white V shaped tail or a mohawk on a duck or the inquisitive ones that want to hop so close with no hesitation. :) P

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