January 26, 2006

A bit about the past few days

WOW! New Zealand just keeps getting beautifuller and beautifuller that I cannot just say it's beautiful, but it is beautiful, beautiful and I will save beautiful, beautiful, beautiful (man, this word is starting to look funny) for when things get even better beacause that seems to be what will happen. Just had a conversation about that actually, how no matter what you do or see or where you go while travelling, things just get better. You begin to think you planned the itinerary in the perfect order, but really, order doesn't matter, every place has something amazing to offer, completely different from the last.

Ah, at a time when internet is scarce, I have so much to say but I'll have to expand later. For now, I will mention the walk in Haast was like entering into a dinasaur's oasis, Franz Joseph Glacier was a spiky mound of interesting formations, and Queenstown is a great place to do any kind of extreme activity, or in my case, to watch it all. P


  1. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Check out the 'pancake rocks' at Punakaiki if you get a chance.

  2. I did, they were so cool! Who said this? P

  3. Anonymous2:56 pm

    I was actually browsing for Taekwondo blogs and came accross yours. I guess it's not much of a Taekwondo blog, but an interestin adventure nonetheless. Goodluck. I loved New Zealand, esp. the fresh cream.