January 04, 2006

King Kong

Ok, I'm in New Zealand, so I just had to watch the latest Peter Jackson film. Not only watch it, but experience the luxurious Embassy Theatre where Lord of the Rings premiered. It's newly renovated marble staircases, white, laticed domes, large leather seats and a ticket with a seat number, made me feel I was going to an Opera in Prague, not a movie. The line ups went out the door, popcorn smells filled the air, and everyone poured in. Angela prepared ourselves with a handful of tissues. I was ready for the emotional love story, but the giant gorilla just didn't make the tears drip. The ratings weren't quite as good as expected, but I still enjoyed the action, although the dinosaurs could have been omitted, reminded me too much of Jurassic Park. And I didn't like the "helpless female" comment either, but this isn't modern New York anyway. Like his previous trilogy, the scenery was stunning. Yay for Petey, he's one sweet-as guy! P

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