January 21, 2006

Nelson to Abel

Much less internet as I head down the much less populated west coast of the south island. Where the line of mountains grow about 5cm's a year and the road twists along the changing colours of the river and scrumptious leafiness of the forests... it's all getting much more beautiful as we go. On the Stray bus again with a couple of English guys who have made the last couple of stops much too funny. I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time which feels so good as I emerge from the gloomy holiday season.

Nelson had a few galleries to stroll through including Jens Hansen maker of the ring in LOTR and Lisa Hoskin's jewelery of delicately designed printed charms. Oh and girls, check out the Cicely cards! So funny, I was the weird tourist laughing out loud at the card stand, www.cecily.co.nz.

Then the amazing coastline at Abel Tasman National Park. Did 11 kms of part of one of the greatest NZ walks. The low blue tide sinks down to raise the patches of white sanded islands. Making it to our water taxi pick up and avoiding all the sandflies that day, descended into Anchorage Bay, water broken into a paint-by-number of green, blue, tourquoise and gray. Many funny llamas looking very feminine and cows, posing for me to draw just by our cabins. P

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