July 29, 2013

Art Spin Adventures

Imagine... a warm summer evening, riding bikes with friends, visiting galleries and outdoor music venues.

Panorama #1 at St. Anne's Church

Panorama #2 at St. Anne's Church

I find the Art Spin experience completely adventurous and magical! We're guided down side streets and alleys, unaware of when our next turn will be. Everyone is in high spirits and like-minded, open to a world of new art in the city. 200+ cyclists glide at a casual pace, chatting with good friends and making new ones. We create choruses of ringing bells. The busy roads transform into calm bike paths as cars are kindly asked to wait while our long stream of bikes pass by.

Googly-eyes at Daniel Faria Gallery

All of our senses are captivated by the unexpected... Smelling the aroma of chocolate while passing the Cadbury's factory. Tasting cool, refreshing freezies while watching a video installation. Hearing the gentle clicking spin of all the wheels while the traveling band played on. Touching the carpet of grass we sit on to watch an open-air performance. Seeing new techniques and craftsmanship in every piece of art.

Bluemouth Inc. playing in the grass

It's like being part of an exclusive secret--but anyone is welcome to join:) Maybe I'll see YOU at the next Art Spin?!

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