July 08, 2013

The Radically Radiant Transformation

I love before and after pictures!

I get this feeling of satisfaction in seeing a positive improvement from what was to what is. It can appear in many forms... a home renovation, a refurbished piece of furniture, or a new mural in the neighbourhood.

As a graphic designer, most of my projects start at the very beginning with an idea, before there is even a "before picture". The client and I discuss what they want to accomplish with their business, ideas are brainstormed and then concepts emerge. Usually it works out well but sometimes communication lines are not that clear-cut. Options can become endless... imagine creating a picture from words that are written to describe what somebody else is thinking!

But recently I tried something new.

Erica Ross, founder of Dance Our Way Home, needed a new logo for her Radical Radiance Training, for women ready to embody their brightest self. Check out this video for more information.

She presented me with her own drawing that just needed to be translated into a vector format. Erica knows her business better than anyone and was able to give me the exact visual she was imagining. We skipped the conceptual stage and I focused on improving the elements she felt were most necessary. The colours were brightened, the curves made curvier, and the shapes accentuated within. Voila!

Erica was a pleasure to work with and best yet... she said, "It's beyond my expectations!"


  1. Amazing transformation Pam!

  2. Thanks Sarah! It's been a few months now of amazing transformations for us all :)