August 12, 2013

Sky Crazy

The sky has really astonished me lately. 

Several times over the past few weeks, I've stopped in my tracks, completely mesmerized by the huge mass of beauty above me. 

So the bright side of our unseasonal rainy weather is that it's caused these spectacular displays! Here are a few that made me feel very lucky to have witnessed:

July 17: Streaming beams of light behind fluffy, glowing clouds:

July 19: Threatening clouds and birds flying for cover, only seconds before the rain poured down:

July 19: After the rain, low-hovering, cotton-ball-looking Mammatus clouds, in a cast of orange light:

And another one for fun... 

August 4: Reflection inside a hot tub while up at a cottage last weekend. The white specks in the tub look like stars in the sky :)

Did you happen to stumble upon any crazy skies?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos!!! Thank you for sharing these Pam!

  2. Thank YOU Sarah! Wishing you all the best in NYC!

  3. These are spectacular, Pam. Wow! Gorgeous. Gorgeous!!

  4. Thanks Juli! Looks like you have some very amazing sky pics too! Love "Stillness in Motion" and "Sapphire Blue".