December 06, 2005


Today I walked up to the Whangari River and was glad not to be one of the screaming freaks on the bungi. The blue was so brilliant way up on the cliff looking down, I really didn't need to see it inches infront of my face. The water is so clean and clear that you can vividly see the rocks many meters down from the surface. Walking along, there was a hot river, more views and thunder crashing in the distance.

Passed by the falls again to get on the path to Craters in the Moon. Even though it started to downpour, and I cursed every car that passed and didn't even try to slow down and offer a ride (not that I'd accept anyway!) it was worth it. Up on the hill was a field of wet flourescent mosses and colourful shrubs that contrasted awesomely from the white smoke and gray sky. Up close and far away, hundreds of lines of steam rose from the horizon. It was amazing to see so much live growth in an area so acidic with burning hot steam. The air was filled with sounds of hissing from the built up pressure in the ground. Quite a weird sensation of cold wind and rain in between the warm waves of white air. The boardwalk winded around the restricted, keep off, danger zones of hot holes and deep craters. One had erupted only 4 years ago and another noisily spurted mud and pumice that I could not see from the smoky interior. And a very sweet, New Yorker, honeymoon couple offered a drive to anyone heading back to town, yay!

Oops, sorry, a couple mistakes in my last post, but don't feel like dwelling on that right now :) P

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