December 05, 2005


Sadly left my new friends from the past few weeks to get on another bus and move into the unknown with unfamiliar people. I soaked myself until I could stand it no more, in the volcanic thermal healing waters at the Polynesian Spa. Walked around Kuirau Park Hot Pools that has holes of steaming water and bubbling mud. The slopping sounds were like a huge cauldron of boiling porridge. One lake now too hot to swim in called Lobster Pool, was named after the white people who turn red!

This is a city based solely off of tourism, ever since 1886, the largest eruption in world history. Mt. Tarawera spouted red lava 9.5 km straight up into the sky! About 120 people died, almost everyone living in the area. 2 beautiful formations called the White and Pink Terraces were completely destroyed and no longer exist. 5 plates go straight through the length of NZ and make it an entire country made up of volcanoes and continuously shifting land. The hot liquid still moves below and another eruption is bound to happen in the near future. Just passed an area that is known to have at least 4 earthquakes a day!

Saw the Art and History Museum which used to be a world reknowned Bath House which people would travel to from far and wide. The waters would cure aches and pains, attracting many men injured in World War 1. Found out boot polish was the first product to use Kiwi as an identity and it flourished from there. There is a shop full of books I wanted to buy on Maori tattoing, Rodney Fumpston prints, landscape photos...

The white haired men in white clothes played Bowls on the lawn. Steam rose in various places. I cooked lamb for the very first time, much better than I remember! P

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