November 27, 2005


Deprived of movies over the past months, I just watched 2 really inspiring stories back to back. Whale Rider is a prized NZ film, starring a seven year old girl who had been a member of one of the art houses! I love these films portraying "power to women", even a child who can prove herself against her grandfathers strict principles of a male role. But she proves her worth and saves the whales and almost dies, but hey, now everybody loves her!

World's Fastest Indian, a new NZ film now in the theaters, is a true story about Burt, an old guy amazingly played by Anthony Hopkins. His character was so special, an honest man, using every scrap available to create the world's fastest record. And he did! Making the long journey, half way around the world, to a remote salt lake in the US, on a weak budget. Gliding by all the odds and peoples doubts and crazy obstacles, his positive and gratious attitude won him that one thing he had always wanted in his life. Including the honour of each and every person he met along the way. P

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