November 16, 2005


Met Jenny who is the talented River Weaver in Hamilton. Her house has a sunlit corner window that looks over the river. She weaves colourful combinations of New Zealand wools into scarves and shalls. She excitedly explained all the different grasses and leaves and roots she used to make baskets out of these extrodinary dead materials she found on her travels. Made spontaneously on the spot, their organic forms were non symmetrical and took on the shapes of birds, tents and bowls. Sometimes a bit of greenery hung from the woven branches, or the rough edges sprouted in a spiral around the rim. The grated sinues of the flax looked like a bird's nest of feathers. The three of us walked by the river in the cool afternoon, keeping warm wrapped in her garments. We heard the chants of a Waka rowing down and I got a quick video. A wonderful, stimulating evening and I am inspired. P

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